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As we continue to navigate a changing world we should remember the charisma of place and the magnetic connection that it has when it is filled with people. 

Change presents us with an opportunity. It’s a chance to rejuvenate, reimagine, and reconnect with the value of space and place. People are curious and social beings, we thrive off interactions. We need to rethink what the magnet and attraction of place is.

So, how might we go about exploring this opportunity? 

Our leisurethinking methodology offers a unique approach to understanding and connecting with the DNA of place.

  • People – human interaction shapes the space we design
  • Place – identifying with the organic needs
  • Emotion – empower engagement and authenticity

To rethink the attraction of place we need to explore the process of regeneration – regrow, renew and restore. Space must be emotionally valuable to society. 

Alongside my extended team, I look forward to reconnecting, rethinking and engaging you with. 

My best,