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Re-emergence servers as an opportunity for us to rejuvenate the life and DNA of leisure retail spaces. 

Well known words from Marshall McLuhan offer a reference point for us to consider when thinking about how to re-emerge. 

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”.

Our relationship and identity with space is shaped by us. It’s a relationship that is bidirectional, dynamic and multi-layered. This complexity is what makes the way we interact with the built environment unique. 

The magnets of attraction have changed. The world’s leading brands are now in your pocket and an index finger tap away when you biometrically unlock your smart phone – brands can no longer be the sole magnet of attraction when we seek to create an interaction between people and place. Interactions and space must be emotionally valuable to society.

So what is bringing people back to physical spaces? It’s a big question to answer and the answer will differ depending on the local environment in which it is being asked.

Through embedding a community evaluation into our approach, we seek to truly understand the demands of the people. Listening to what they value and understanding the cultural touch points of the local community.

So, what is next for leisure retail spaces? 

It’s our opportunity to answer this and we look forward to working with you to reimagine leisure retail spaces.

If you will be attending the event, you can connect with us here.

Full details of the event can be found here.