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Is a practice that is continuously evolving through listening to all the stakeholders in a project. Since its first application on a project in 2012, by theleisureway team, it has been used to successfully unlock the holistic value of leisure. Creating not only destinations of leisure, but rather destinations of life.

What is leisurethinking?

leisurethinking is a leisure centric design methodology and philosophy that creates a legacy of life in place.

It is fondly referred to as putting on leisure glasses, creating a specialist view of a project.

It bridges the space between a project’s vision and commercial elements.

Through using leisurethinking as a guiding principle, we focus on people-oriented places.

Our Three Pilars


Human interaction shapes the spaces we design and the way we operate, which is why members of the community are the most essential part in our people-focused design process.


We create spaces that flow organically from the needs of those who use them.


We generate a connection between the people and place to empower engagement and authenticity.

leisure brings sustained life to place

Contemporary lifestyles lead people to gather with others with whom they share interests and passions. Places that are purely designed to capture the energy of interests are one-dimensional and transactional.

Creating a state of leisure builds multidimensional solutions and connects directly with the sensibilities and needs of people. Delivering a long-term attraction positively influences the asset’s health.

Our solutions use leisure as the binding unit between people and places to increase the attraction’s return.

A lasting attraction = a higher return on investment