about us

We are the only leisure-thinking solution provider, a company with expert knowledge and understanding of public and commercial environments. Our aim is to create emotions along the customer’s path, to create leisure ecosystems and to add value with taylormade experiences. 


theleisureway people are enthusiasts, a collaborative multidisciplinary team of leisure experts, creatives, strategists, architects, engineers, project managers, designers and marketing specialists.


Gastón Gaitán

Gastón Gaitán is the founder of company. He has been sharing theleisureway’s knowledge and experience about leisure in several specialized journals since 2013. 

Events and conferences

theleisureway participates in various events and conferences around the world focusing in innovation in leisure within the real estate market:

worldwide projects

  • Argentina
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  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
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  • England
  • Finland
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