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We sit with Sergio Gutiérrez, Technician and Leisure Engineer at theleisureway. He tells us more about the manufacturing and assembly of the projects, goes in deep in one of our interventions, speaks about our upcoming projects and explains the importance of the communication between all the agents involved in the process.

Which are your responsibilities during the technical and manufacturing phase?

During the technical phase, our department is in charge of preparing detailed drawings, as well as of developing the structural report of the different elements. For us it is essential to elaborate a robust technical development in order to make sure that the project is safe for all children, functional and it preserves the design line of the main concept. We select very carefully our suppliers and do a frequent follow up of the progress. So as to achieve that faithful aesthetic we mentioned and also to meet the intrinsic Safety regulations, we closely monitor the budgets, the contracts and the supervision of the civil work.

Are you present during the whole process of manufacturing and assembly?

Absolutely yes, throughout the manufacturing process as well as the civil work. We do a weekly follow up of our supplier’s progress and we usually test that all the elements fit together simulating a complete preassembly. So we are present from the beginning to the end.

Going deep into one of your projects in Prague, Černý Most… Could you tell us in what did it consisted and how was developed?

Černý Most was a 360 sqm project we developed for our client in Czech Republic. The shopping center wanted us to bring life at the main corridor which had no utility on that moment. After our intervention, located within the interior space of the lobby from the first floor, it has become the most frequented area of the shopping mall, with more than 1000 visits per day.

We designed and developed an entertainment space for both toddlers, children and families, which was divided in three main areas:  a seating area, a space for babies and an active zone (with platform games and a wow effect cantilever structure). From the technical department, we worked very closely with the concept department to make this project possible. It was necessary to have a good communication between departments, with the client and all the agents involved in the manufacturing and assembly of the project.

Which are the last projects you are working on?

We are about to manufacture two projects, one in Lodz (Poland) and the other one in Seville (Spain). 

The project in Poland, Manufaktura, is very special. It is located within an old cotton production factory and is one of the most emblematic destination in the city of Lodz. Our intervention is based in the manufacturing process and inspired in a famous polish artist: Katarzyna Kobro. They want to collocate a playground in the centre of the skylight and reforce Manufaktura position maintaining the history and essence of the place. 

The second project, Airesur, consists in a new toy playroom for the shopping mall. We are doing a slab for a completely new and empty area. The structure of our intervention is inspired in different air balloons and it will have an active zone, a reading area and an interactive games space. This toy room will be managed by day care workers and will be a place where parents may let the children play in a safe and fun way. Also, we hope our intervention brings life to the shopping mall and increases the visits.

Do you think it is important to maintain a close relationship with clients and suppliers in the development of a project? Why?

The relationship with both is very important. With the client, it is needed to transmit him confidence and show him that the project is controlled, as well as that you are progressing according to the deadlines you have agreed. With the supplier, it is necessary to do weekly, even daily updates, in order to check and make sure that everything related to the manufacturing and assembly is perfect accomplished regarding the project requirements.

Tell us more about the safety of the space and the products

It is a must for us to develop safe projects for both children and adults. We select the materials according to the European Regulation N11037, also we comply with the building technical code of each country and make sure that the project has the Final Certificate from the architect. Likewise, our development and design is functional and always complies with the necessary safety standards; we carry out periodic inspections with our design certifier, before, during and after manufacturing to guarantee the best quality of the technical implementation. 

It is essential to have a good communication between all the members of our team. In each project we work very closely with the other departments to guarantee the best results.

Sergio Gutiérrez, Technical Engineer at theleisureway.