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We present to you the world’s first floating play area, located in the Centro Comercial AireSur.

In every project, we face unique challenges; in this case, space was one of our main concerns. However, we turned that limitation into an opportunity by dreaming big! We created a floating, balloon-shaped space to maximize the play area without compromising comfort or fun.

Globbing project in AireSur shopping mall in Seville is an innovative leisure experience for families. The spectacular space, which attracts people’s attention from outside the centre, was created to enhance the offer of the also renovated food court.

The first concept ideas for our AireSur project came from the perspective of a children’s imagination. Children look at reality with a different vision than adults. When children see AireSur’s cloudy logotype, their imagination flies high…

The children’s playroom concept found its basis in a group of balloons that were flying in the air as if a child had dropped them. Balloons are elements that children can easily recognize and remember, and they are something that children have been playing with over the years.

At theleisureway, we not only bring projects to reality, but we transform them into exciting experiences! Watch the video to discover how we’ve taken fun to the next level.