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Athens, Greece


800 sqm


Strategy, concept design For a project development



The client of this shopping center in Athens was planning a retail explosion to turn that community mall into a super-regional lifestyle center.

In this context, theleisureway was invited to design their new family entertainment center spread across an area of 800 sqm with the aim to create a never-seen-before family destination that has a story to tell, integrating itself with the new overall project identity

Inspiration and First Ideas

The mathematicians of ancient Greece made a hugely significant contribution to the world and all practical subjects that depend on that intellectual basis, from geometry to engineering, astronomy to design. theleisureway wanted to design a FEC that resembles and reflects that influence. Based on the playful learning concept, that is how ”Geometria” was brought to life. At Geometria, we have created a spatial context where the environment catalyses curiosity and imagination. A learning landscape that inspires children to activate their bodies shares joyful experiences and allows them to act on their creative impulses.

To complement the leisure offer of the complex, we proposed a space integrated in nature with activities for all family members.


Our design was fuelled by three main pillars that help create a stimulating, playful learning environment for all: The visual concept which was based on the essential geometry elements and notions; the activity mix, to ensure visitors can play, learn and celebrate; and finally the users, with their different needs and behaviour patterns. We have explored and selected recognizable elements that kids can relate to school subjects and remember in a fun way, each representing a central category of activities associated with a different typology of games, ultimately targeting different user ages and skills development.