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Mega Adygea

The mini city


Krasnodar, Russia


Global intervention


Masterplanning, leisure strategy, concept design, technical development, engineering


Technical development completed

The project for Adygea is a unique development and a challenge that is absolutely new within the sector.

We found ourselves before an intervention on a great scale that would change the way shopping is perceived.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Adygea proposes a complete change in the way we define a leisure ecosystem and acknowledge the relationship between leisure shopping and a shopping center visit

The objective was to create a city for Krasnodar on the other side of the river, and add a new pole of attraction that directly connects with the main parts of the project.

Hence our proposal to create a “mini city”, an integral and seamless concept in which architecture, landscape, lighting, shopping and entertainment interact.


Our intervention is made up of four picturesque neighbourhoods with natural scenery. The central element is a great lake surrounded by restaurants and various leisure activities. All the elements and design equipment installed, were designed with a goal to increase interaction and improve and prolongate the user experience. In this project, a great effort was put into the strategic design of the center, ensuring leisure is an essential ingredient to be present in each and every corner of the mini city.