The tree of life

Family gathering


Vienna, Austria


290 sqm


Strategy, Concept Design, Technical Development, Manufacturing, Installation



When we were invited by Donau Zentrum in Vienna to develop a project for their mall, we suggested that the intervention should fulfil various important objectives: entertain children, create a visual wow effect and build a leisure connection between parents and children.

In addition, we wanted to construct an iconic element capable of transporting the public to a place of surprises and warmth. An embracing space of which we have all dreamt, where the imagination runs free.

Inspiration and First Ideas

We found our link with nature through the forms present in nature and the tactile feel of wood. This natural connection offers a variety of shapes and textures capable of forming a landscape.

This inspiration naturally creates elements and structures to climb on, play, hide and jump – games we have all enjoyed growing up.


To become a landmark, an iconic playground that provokes a WOW EFFECT and makes people flow throughout the entire corridor, we designed a tree-like structure that incorporates several activities inside, with two long and playful slides enveloping the entire structure. The result was a 10-meter-high permeable appealing element with a very natural look and feel, attracting people from all parts of the shopping centre, from kids to the elderly.