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A magical and innovative leisure symbol


Lisbon, Portugal


375 sqm


Concept design, strategy, storytelling, technical development, manufacturing, installation



The Freeport fashion outlet in Alcochete, Lisbon, launched a makeover process to create new places that offered a more cosmopolitan and avant-garde taste, according to the requirement to have differentiating values and an improved positioning against the numerous competitors in the area.

Freeport needed to move from being a shopping center to being a place to spend a day out, gathering with people, experience warmth and vibrant emotions.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The “plaça das estelas” which can be seen from the various galleries and is surrounded by terraces and stores, was the focal point of our intervention in Freeport.

In order to enhance the centre’s global reputation, building a leisure icon there was crucial.


We designed a sculptural shape that housed a variety of leisure activities but was seen as an artistic intervention due to the necessity and significance of creating an unexpected and attractive space.

A magical game of light and shadow nuances was created by a semi-open pergola with a discontinuous yet balanced framework.

It naturally developed into a magnificent sculpture, a captivating monument, and an enduring symbol for the place.