Černý Most

A captivating adventure


Prague, Czech Republic


360 sqm


Strategy, Concept Design, Technical Development, Manufacturing, Installation



Černý Most were interested in an intervention within the lobby on the first floor with the aim to create an entertainment system for young visitors and families.

Four different essences were required: a WOW-effect icon visually connected to the main mall, a play area for toddlers, an adventure area for kids and an amphitheatre.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The forest is our home: a simple and warm space that embraces us and where we can grow. A forest is a lively place and, in the woods, life is born and naturally builds geometric networks.

A forest is also a unique place, which invites us to live an adventure. It gives us the opportunity to explore and discover the world: the forest invites us to grow.


theleisureway developed a tailor-made leisure ensemble under a reinterpreted concept of a jungle. This adventurous idea is composed of four different areas under the same concept, to unify the different areas and perceive them as one complete entity. The main part of our intervention is the big ”nest” that is hanging from the first floor. It is an eye-catching and unique playful element with the aim to draw the clients from all parts of the shopping center and encourage them to circulate within the intervention area and on the first floor.