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Toddler Space


Athens, Greece


500 sqm


Strategy, Concept Design For A Project Development


Concept design completed

As part of their refurbishment works, the client asked theleisureway to develop a toddler space to strengthen and complete the new interventions with the overall project identity.

The intervention comprised of a 500 sqm play and learn area where kids can develop their skills while parents relax in a cool and cozy atmosphere.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Our solar system was always an interest and fascination for the ancient Greeks, as outer space features prominently across ancient Greek society’s scientific, philosophical, and mythological output.

That is why theleisureway created a playful universe for toddlers and their parents to spend time in while immersed in an engaging and fun atmosphere, stimulating their curiosity and interest.


Entering Asteria, named after the Greek goddess, you first encounter two planet-like volumes containing interactive and engaging elements and activities. We have also designated several areas in the space to stimulate the kids’ motor skills and abilities. Lastly, we’ve designed a ”moonwalk” zone to imitate the space experience. Parents accompanying their kids can also enjoy their time at the coffee corner and the open seating areas throughout the entire space.