An emblematic link to the community


Chartres, France


14.000 sqm


Masterplanning, strategy concept, design for a new project development



Altarea Cogedim wanted to develop the new 80,000 square meter l'Iliade shopping mall in Chartres, with leisure—along with food and beverage—to play a significant role.

The place needed an iconic element to draw attention to the shopping center. The bespoke piece, designed on a large scale, would visually, emotionally, and socially unite the historic neighborhood.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The gothic cathedral’s soul can be felt in Chartres, where the history of the city has been shaped and has been shaped by its architecture. This initial vision served as our source of inspiration.

We wanted to experiment with the cathedral’s verticality, to build an icon for the twenty-first century that could be seen from a distance by reaching for the sky. We fell in love with Chartres because of the way the rose window’s filtered light colored the interior of the cathedral. We had found our geometric reference, which resembled a kaleidoscope.

To complement the leisure offer of the complex, we proposed a space integrated in nature with activities for all members of the family.


We designed a 15-meter tower housing leisure activities and fun. A giant kaleidoscope of reflections creating bright and colorful experiences. An emblematic space that fostered social, emotional, and aesthetic ties to a neighborhood that is known for its passionate, illustrious past.

These four items turned the project into an icon of leisure, identifying the shopping center and modifying the traditional Chartres skyline.