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Mall Aventura

Santa Anita's heart


Lima, Peru


37,000 sqm


Masterplanning, strategy, storytelling, concept design



We designed the public areas of a leisure boulevard for the community. By creating an atmosphere inspired in the diversity of landscapes from Peru, the space connects with local culture.

Our team designed natural oasis for all, where everyone can find its own area and travel through different atmospheres: the desert dunes for families, the Inca ruins playground for kids, the amphitheatre mountains or the technological jungle for youngsters.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Our vision for Mall Aventura Santa Anita was to design a leisure ecosystem throughout the shopping centre and create a destination for the 2M of inhabitants of his influence area. We created three cores with three different personalities for attracting all users: Cultural & Social, Technological & Multimedia and Familiar & Active.

We put different bites in order to guide the user though its customer journey. Each one has a concrete function and together they create a network, increase the traffic and establish synergies with the other areas and the food court. Also, we created a wow effect element inspired in the concept of “home”, our first refuge in order to catch the attention of the visitants. Civilisations prior to ours had their home integrated in the jungle: camouflaged with the think nature and hidden among the trees.