The Galaxy

A magical universe


Varna, Bulgaria


600 sqm


Strategy, concept design, technical development, manufacturing, installation



Delta Planet invited theleisureway to develop a space that is equally attractive for both children and adults, to make room for creativity and flexibility by being able to change the space configuration with time.

One of our restrictions was the fact that our intervention was located in a dark space full of random structural elements, so we had to find a way to use that in our favor somehow...

Inspiration and First Ideas

Starting from the very essence of the corporate identity, the first step was to create our iconic universe for Delta Planet shopping Mall.

An elegant, sculptural element embodying the brand’s main attributes, able to influence any possible location and accommodate a variety of content.


We created a magic universe, where three “Planets” become powerful and eye-catching shapes orbiting in an abstract galaxy. We exploited the darkness of the space, creating an infinite universe through a simple dark background emphasized by a dynamic play of coloured reflections coming from inside of the “Planets”. The graphic floor together with projected video mapping complete the atmosphere. The floor around the “Planets” was treated with soft, monochromatic pattern that unifies the entire adult area, in contrast with the strong colours coming from the inside of the kids “Planets”. Surrounding walls consist of a simple black background which becomes an ideal surface for any video mapping projection.