Canimar River Park

Sustainable Tourism


Matanzas, Cuba


Global intervention


Masterplanning, Strategy, Concept Design For A New Project


Under functional development

To the north of the Matanzas province in Cuba, the Canimar river is powerfully located sheltering a natural paradise with a unique biodiversity.

This project seeks to create an active leisure experience along the entire river, for the whole family that conveys the history and nature of the country, creating a unique leisure ecosystem.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The River Park creates an opportunity to develop a project oriented towards the growing demand for luxury experiences that connect with nature and sustainable tourism. This way, we can complement the world-renowned tourist offer of sun and water in Cuba with a different and unique type of tourism blended into nature.

It wasn’t until we visited and interacted with the place that we realized that our intervention and the activation of the area needed to happen at the water level because that is where magical experiences can happen.


Our proposal for the water level on Canimar River was divided into three parts. The first is The Park on Water, a space directly related to the river and its natural features. Then, The Nest Hotel complements the existing Canimao Hotel with a section of exclusive rooms that sit at different levels above water, immersing them in an experience so memorable that they would never be able to forget it. Lastly, we will add walkways that, together with other paths and trails, communicate the areas of interest, combining leisure with culture and history and keeping the landscape as the central axis of the project. And lastly, we will create new pavilions and cultural centers, offering different points of engagement to explore local cultural highlights and attractions.