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In an increasingly competitive market, shopping malls must constantly innovate to attract visitors and increase revenue. We explore effective strategies that can transform any shopping mall into an appealing destination for consumers of all ages.

Strategies to increase foot traffic in shopping malls

Create unique shopping and leisure experiences in shopping malls

One of the keys to increase foot traffic in shopping malls is offering unique experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. This includes integrating leisure spaces, entertainment and special events that attract a wide variety of audiences.

Leisure architecture to turn your mall into an entertainment hub: consumers want more than a place to eat and shop, they want experiences. Transform customer apathy into excitement with venues that entice them to visit your mall and stay longer.

Our intervention in Donau Zentrum, Vienna

Leisure and entertainment spaces in shopping cente

Shopping malls can greatly benefit from incorporating playgrounds for children, movie theaters, virtual reality zones and other entertainment attractions. These spaces not only attract more visitors but also increase the time they Apend in the mall, which can translate into more purchases and revenues.

Hold community events

Your mall’s unused space has the advantage of being large enough to serve as an event venue. This is an opportunity to invite community groups and non-profit organizations to hold events year-round, increasing foot traffic. These events can range from food festivals and craft fairs to live concerts and family activities. The key is to offer something for everyone.

Benefits of themed events for shopping malls:

  • Increased visitors: special events can attract additional visitors who wouldn’t normally visit the shopping mall.
  • Customer loyalty: events create an emotional connection with visitors, increasing the likelihood that they will return.

Enhancing the customer experience

  1. Implement innovative technology
    Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience. From mobile apps that guide visitors through the mall to contactless payment systems, technology can make visits more convenient and enjoyable.
  2. Mobile apps and digital marketing
    Mobile apps can offer personalized promotions, interactive maps and the ability to make reservations at restaurants or events. Additionally, digital marketing and social media campaigns can increase the mall’s visibility and attract a broader audience.
  3. Wi-Fi hot spots
    Create a Wi-Fi café or multiple hot spots that promote a quiet haven for the growing work-from-home workforce or constantly connected mall visitor. Offer snacks and drinks that can be purchased while they check their email or reply to messages.
  4.  Attractive design and environments
    The design and aesthetics of the shopping mall are also crucial. A clean, modern, and attractive environment can significantly improve the visitor experience and encourage them to return.
  5. Green spaces and sustainability
    Including green spaces and focusing on sustainability improve the mall’s aesthetics and attract an environmentally conscious audience. Indoor gardens, green roofs and outdoor rest areas can make the mall a pleasant place to spend time.

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Commercial strategies to increase revenue in shopping malls

Diversification of commercial offerings

To attract a diverse audience, it is essential to offer a wide variety of stores and services. This includes not only fashion and technology stores but also entertainment options, restaurants, and personal services such as beauty salons and gyms.

Rent space to unconventional tenants

Mall traffic can be increased dramatically by offering empty spaces to non-traditional tenants that offer entertainment options rather than retail shopping. Consider tenants like laser tag arenas, indoor skate parks, trampoline venues, fitness centers, consignment shops and specialty shops to boost foot traffic in shopping malls.

Our intervention in Zielo Shopping, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Spain)

Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Forming alliances with well-known brands and organizing strategic collaborations can attract new customers and increase foot traffic in shopping centers. For example, opening pop-up stores of popular brands or collaborating with local businesses to offer exclusive products.

Benefits of collaborations

  • Increased visibility: collaborations with well-known brands can attract their followers and customers to the mall.
  • New shopping experiences: pop-up stores and special events can offer unique shopping experiences that are not found elsewhere.

Mixed-Use malls

If leisure options don’t necessarily work for your property, consider a mixed-use scenario to increase mall traffic. Many mall complexes have adapted their empty areas to incorporate hotels, apartments, offices, or play spaces. Target the people using those facilities by making them aware of the convenience of shopping nearby.

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