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The Village (Outdoor)

Unique experiences


Jeddah, KSA


13,000 sqm


Masterplanning, Strategy, Storytelling, Concept Design, Technical Development, Manufacturing, Installation


Under construction

Located in the north of the city, The Village is an upcoming destination in Jeddah, spanning over 100,000 sqm over three storeys and a total build-up area of 208,000 sqm.

In a city saturated with shopping malls and an extreme climate of humidity and heat, the client commissioned theleisureway to help position them as the ultimate family leisure destination. Our mission was clear, to bring to life 13,000 square metres of outdoor space that would make the mall an unforgettable destination.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Throughout history, art has been intrinsically linked to society, serving as a means of expression and a universal language in which beauty and aesthetics are paramount.

Therefore, we have decided to transform the empty outdoor space into an art district full of life and movement, inspired by the 7 traditional arts: Music, Painting, Cinema, Architecture, Sculpture, Literature, and Dance.


The result is an artistic journey through 7 different atmospheres inspired by the 7 traditional arts. We have successfully transformed the most prominent outdoor area in Jeddah into a fresh and modern environment that offers visitors a new perception of a shopping experience. The outdoor square maintains a unified look and feel between the different arts through the playful, interactive, innovative, and uniquely designed sculptures and elements that shape each area.