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Al Mamsha

Shaping emotions


Sharjah, UAE


Global intervention


Strategy, Concept Design For A Project Development



Located in the heart of the new Sharjah, a new residential community, spanning over 3 million square feet, is set to offer a lifestyle that integrates modern living, retail and leisure into a vibrant urban environment.

The main purpose behind this project was to develop a meaningful intervention that brings identity, sense of community and an international outreach.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Sharjah has a young bourgeoning population, rounding from 20 to 39 years. It is also called ”the smiling emirate” due to its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our inspiration behind this project was the people of Sharjah, and more specifically, their emotions. theleisureway wanted to create a space where emotions shape and define your experience and your perception of the place.


Inspired by the people, for the people, theleisureway designed a playful art collection, manifesting different gestures humans make when expressing their emotions, with a cool and fashionable aesthetic. The welcome square is an attraction for everyone in New Sharjah, an active anchor on the main pedestrian axis that boosts circulation and embraces visitors in a friendly environment protected from the parking and the sun. It includes a kids pavillion and a toddlers area. The residential square is a family friendly playful pocket. It is a private area for the surrounding neighbours with a play and seat concept. Lastly, the cool and emblematic F&B square. It is the social heart of the project and a hub for families and students with its sculptural and attractive fresh core: The Artistic Garden.