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Riyadh Park

The water drop


Riyadh, KSA


14,000 sqm


Masterplanning, Strategy, Storytelling, Concept Design


Under technical development

Spread over a total of 14,000 sqm, our intervention covered all of the outdoor area surrounding the mall, as well as two indoor atriums.

The aim was to revamp these two areas in order to create synergies between the indoor and outdoor spaces, as they were disconnected. We then transformed the space into a complete leisure experience that extends throughout Riyadh Park mall so that both the indoor and outdoor spaces are perceived and understood as a whole.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The inspiration behind this project came from the meaning of Riyadh: Gardens and meadows.

theleisureway decided to re-establish the meaning of the word by spreading the garden essences throughout the entire mall. And with water as a primary drive and source, we created a promenade along the shopping center that will act as a connecting element.


The result gave birth to the ‘Sculptural Promenade’: a fluid and organic approach with water as a source of inspiration, to elevate the personal relationship between people and gardens. The artistic transformation is clear throughout the entire outdoor area and in two of the indoor atriums by the organic sculptural installations that are spread out to create a pleasant and fresh promenade along the user’s path. The abundance of wavy shapes and lines, on top of being a reference to the fluidity of water, is also inspired by Riyadh Park’s logo, giving it a more obvious physical presence.