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The Urban Jungle

Where urban art meets nature


Warsaw, Poland


750 sqm


Concept Design, Strategy, Storytelling, Technical Development




Atrium Poland Real State

Surrounded by a lot of competition, theleisureway created a unique storyline that attracts families and kids, thus providing a strong differential factor.

The ultimate goal was to provide a unique leisure ecosystem that brings energy and fun to the shopping center, and to become a pioneering leisure and shopping destination for the whole family in Warsaw.

Inspiration and First Ideas

We sought inspiration from Warsaw’s urban art feeling and brought it to life with a natural and sustainable approach. By combining both concepts, we have turned the mall into a canvas on which we’ve presented our work of art.

The urban look of the city, along with the wild plants and vivid colors we’re bringing in, complement each other to create the Urban Jungle.


We achieved a unique leisure environment by revamping the food court and transforming it into an urban jungle where users are constantly engulfed in an abundance of lights, colors, and greenery. Away from the food court, we designed two play areas with striking, playful elements that are sure to attract users of all ages: A literal WOW-shaped playground overlooking the atrium so that it’s seen from both levels of the shopping center and another less intense one in the food court for toddlers and younger kids to enjoy while their parents have their eyes on them.