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Mar Shopping Algarve

Local inspiration


Loulé, Portugal


800 sqm


Masterplanning, Leisure strategy, Concept design, Technical development, Tender coordination, Execution project validation and revision, Installation supervision



From a global perspective the project is a new concept in the way we understand leisure and shopping.

The project concentrated a great effort on becoming a magnetic pole for both the local public and the touristic sector.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The project is located in an area with so much competition and a great attraction for tourists. That made us come up with a proposal that took into account the need to approach the project with a holistic vision.

Our inspiration for the leisure solution was based on one of the main tourist attractions in Algarve: The Golf course. By deconstructing a golf course, we were able to transform its main essences from basic elements to exaggerated and more intense flavors that give the overall space a unique and appealing identity and look.


The importance of the natural setting gave us a base on which we were able to construct a powerful, robust concept coherent with local culture, by also integrating leisure into the shopping culture and experience. Inter Ikea Algarve is above all a project destined to build a new trend, where the leisure ecosystem is based on great elements of attraction – a perfectly designed landscape with several points of interest.