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Mall of Switzerland

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Luzern, Switzerland


1,600 sqm


Strategy, concept design, technical development, manufacturing, installation



In the middle of one of the most enchanting and attractive tourist destinations of Switzerland’s mountains and lakes, the Mall of Switzerland is located in proximity to Lucerne. From a geographical and historical point of view, the lake Lucerne region is considered the core of Switzerland.

This project has been strategically developed as a bespoke solution for The Mall of Switzerland, following some specific design guidelines, integrating it into the architecture of the mall.

Inspiration and First Ideas

The design line of the mall, along with the Swiss culture, were the catalysts behind our concept for this project: Contemplating Switzerland through a kaleidoscope.

We have reinterpreted some of the key features of the Swiss landscape and culture, but with a special twist: as seen by kids looking through a kaleidoscope.


The concept brought in many identifying elements of the Swiss culture, with a creative, unrealistic approach to the design and recreation of each component.
The space was divided into two main areas: The Kaleidoscope for the young kids and the topography of the Alps, the forest and the clock square for the older kids.