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A touristic resort


Playa del Carmen, Mexico


8000 sqm


Masterplanning, strategy, concept design for a new project development


Concept design completed

Located at La Playa del Carmen in Mexico, this development is a project that translates a unique lifestyle where nature, architecture, sports and leisure areas coexist.

In an attempt at creating a new experience concept, theleisureway went on to design a proposal that reinforces the brand and enhances the identity and presence of Corasol. To do so, we had to complement and complete the existing offer by incorporating a Junior Park area dedicated for teenagers and families.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Our starting point was to integrate ourselves within the 3 main elements of the project: Corasol as the big complex for everyone with experiences of all kinds, Origina as a lifesftyle and wellbeing leader, and lastly the surrounding environment unique with its cenotes, wild spaces and heavenly beaches. We investigated cenotes not only as physical elements, but as essences as well, to be led eventually to the qualities that make them as magical as they are.

To complement the leisure offer of the complex, we proposed a space integrated in nature with activities for all members of the family.


Inspired by the native nature of “the cenotes” in Mayan Mexico, a large ramp acts as a landmark and creates 3 different atmospheres that evoke the sensations of cenotes: peace, harmony, and adventure creating a place to be used both day and night. The plot was divided into a Welcome Area inspired by a pond that connects spaces and gathers people, a Family Area conveying an active and fun experience for the entire family, centered around an iconic playful tower for kids, and an Active Area which is the most intense and spectacular part of the inervention, made up of 4 active isles in a completely natural environment.