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Floating adventure


Sevilla, Spain


80 sqm


Strategy, concept design, technical development, manufacturing, installation



This Airesur hanging play area is the perfect example of how a space thought with leisurethinking in mind, can bring a strong emotional connection to the brand.

Imagination grows when space is limited. This was one of the main challenges for Airesur’s project: to design a complete playroom in a space that does not exist on its own.

Inspiration and First Ideas

Children are creative dreamers. Not only do they dream while sleeping, but also while looking at reality in a different light than adults. Our concept for Airesur’s project came from the idea of a child’s imagination. When children see Airesur’s cloudy logo, their imagination flies high…

The children’s play area concept found its basis in a group of balloons that are flying in the air as if a child had released them. Balloons are elements that children can easily recognize and remember, and can be entertaining for a long time.


The objective of the project was to provide a real and genuine environment that creates an attractive leisure area for families living in the city of Seville. An intervention that helps Airesur reinforce its position as one of the best established shopping-centers of the city. The playroom is a play and discovery space for children where they are able to develop their personalities through free play. Freedom is at the base of a play area, even if children are supervised by an adult. When kids play without any directions, their learning is stimulated and their social skills are promoted. The balloons include different areas with different types of activities divided into a welcome area, arts & crafts, digital games, events zone, active area, and wall mounted games.