tlw thinking

Most human decisions and experiences are constantly being shaped non-consciously by the emotional brain system. It is essential to create well-balanced shopping and leisure ecosystems to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. We apply the concept of “leisure-thinking”.

Leisure is a state of mind

Leisure doesn’t mean free time. We understand leisure as a state of mind, a key condition that gives a unique feeling of satisfaction through positive emotions. That is the reason we are focused on innovation and want to create disruptive bespoke projects.

Applying the leisure thinking

We generate innovative solutions that solve the real needs of our clients. Each project responds to the singular opportunities of the context, the culture and characteristics of target guests with the goal of create a powerful emotional connection.

Leisure virtuous cycle

We support our clients in creating their own virtuous cycle. Feeling good af­fects thoughts and behaviour positively, reflected in longer and more pleasant stays, regular visits and time spent so­cially and actively. This is the emotion-driven customer journey:

Users feel good
It affects behaviour
and thoughts
Longer stays and higher frequency
More time spent socially within the trade
Enables the emotional connection with the destination
Business growth and high performance