A social hub (Spain)

We`ll be in Expo Real – Munich, Germany

Date: October 14 – 15, 2020

At theleisureway we lead genuine and iconic projects. We create innovative places where emotions come alive.

Mar Shopping Algarve

Loulé, Portugal

Mall of Switzerland

Luzern, Switzerland
the tree of life

The tree of life

Vienna, Austria

Zubiarte Tower

Bilbao, Spain


Krasnodar, Russia

Černý Most

Prague, Czech Republic

Worlwide vision

We have presence now in more than 27 countries across multiple continents, including America, Europe and Asia.  Among all of them we create places that win hearts and people are the centre of all of them. 


Each project responds to the singular opportunities of the context, the culture and characteristics of the community. We can help you to develop your bespoke leisure strategy in any of these areas.