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From a global perspective the project is a new concept in the way we understand leisure and shopping.

The project concentrated a great effort in order to become a magnetic pole for both the local public and the touristic sector.

The implementation in an area with so much competition and with such an attraction for tourists obliged us to come up with a proposal that took into account the need to design a singular space. However, perfectly integrated in touristic culture, of the region its ecosystem and its landscape. In the world of golf, within its circle, its “flavour” of healthy leisure, in the chic atmosphere and its connection for open, natural spaces. Golf is a shared, calm and visually attractive activity.


The importance of the natural setting gave us a base on which to construct a powerful, robust concept coherent with local culture. But, we shouldn’t forget shopping culture the pleasure of leisure integrated into the activity of shopping was indispensable for our ideas. In this way we could focus on the different areas of intervention with specific objectives, from the local public centred on shopping for essentials, to the outer zone oriented to iconic tourism and the discovery of enjoyable leisure spaces.

Inter Ikea Algarve is above all a project destined to build a new category, in which the leisure ecosystem is based on great elements of attraction – a perfectly designed landscape with uncountable points of interest. It is a corner of high popular interest which will surely become a new tourist’s destination in itself.

The project was a clear example of how to integrate a leisure solution into the general strategy of the centre and how this strategic focus strengthens value, captures the public interest and modifies the essence of the visit.

To achieve this it was key to understand the leisure experience within a unique personalised approach, coherent with the general concepts active in the aspects commercial of the projects.

Strategy and Creative Process


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