Altarea Cogedim

Leisure together with food and beverage is to play a major role in the new, 80,000 square metre L’iliade shopping mall in Chartres currently being planned by Altarea Cogedim.

The space calls for an iconic element bringing visibility to the centre. The bespoke piece, designed on a large scale will connect the historic community visually, emotionally and socially. 


In Chartres you feel the spirit of the gothic cathedral, it´s architecture forming and being formed by the city’s history. Here we take our inspiration.

We wanted to play with the verticality of the cathedral. Reach for the sky, building an icon for the twenty- first century, seen from afar. Our love affair with Chartres was with the light that filtered through the cathedral´s rose window, colouring the interior. Reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, we had found our geometric reference.


We designed a 15 meter tower housing leisure activities and fun. A giant kaleidoscope of reflections creating bright, colourful experiences. An emblematic space that connects visually, emotionally and socially with a community defined by it´s passionate, rich history.

These four items turned the project into an icon of leisure, identifying the shopping centre and modifying the traditional Chartre skyline. 



First Ideas


Lighting and Atmosphere

The Result

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