The Mall of Switzerland

In the middle of one of the most enchanting and attractive tourist destinations of Switzerland’s mountains and lakes, the Mall of Switzerland is located in close proximity to Lucerne. From a geographical and historical point of view, the Lake Lucerne region is considered the core of Switzerland.

This project has been thought as a bespoke solution for The Mall of Switzerland in a strategic way, following the specified design guidelines and integrating it into the architecture of the mall.



The name of the main space, ‘Kaleidoskop’, brings a vision about the idea that the project tries to transmit.
The design line of the Mall and the Swiss culture influence the idea of the project: the vision of Switzerland through a kaleidoscope. It tries to recreate different key features of the Swiss
landscape and culture, but seen from the kids eyes looking through a kaleidoscope.

The design of areas and elements tries to catch the substantial and relevant elements, but without using a realistic approach in the design and recreation of each element. The diversity of Swiss reality has been transformed into an emotive, colourful, exciting and playful landscape for kids.

First Ideas

Designing and Development

Manufacturing process

Construction, Installation, Certification and Start-up

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